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A Team- Ed Sheeran


I Love Surprises β€


Until now I still can’t believe my Dad got me a dog!! Thank you Daddy!! Her name’s Casey btw. She just turned 6 months 4 days ago! Baby I’m so glad you came seriously!! I’m a lucky girl ☺😍

Cheers to the Teenage Years πŸ‘‘


19th Birthday Celebration with this tiger


This day didn’t really start the way I wanted it to. But as usual, life can surprise you. Spending the day with you.. fighting, arguing, laughing, making up, eating etc. … was just perfectly imperfect.

When I think about you before I sleep, I’d randomly recall all the good stuff. And yes, sometimes I do try to get a hold of the bad memories but surprisingly, I couldn’t. As if they’ve been somehow erased to my memory. Well, I don’t know if that’s a good thing. What I know is that.. I wouldn’t really mind sharing more good stuff with you baby.