You know the feeling when you feel like you are talking to someone who doesn’t even see you? It sucks. I don’t really think anyone deserves to be treated that way.

Well, he is out. And as usual, I’m ignored. I only get to be recognized when a.) we just had a big fight so he feels like he needs to make up for it b.) well, I can’t think of any other things besides a so.. Never mind.

How do you learn to trust whole-heartedly if you always get or see something that makes you doubt? How do you live up with that? This is one of the main reasons why I think people need to use their minds more often than their hearts. I need not to learn the hard way.

Why do I have to feel such every time he is out with his friends? Why do girlfriends need to feel and experience such often? I have so many things to ask! Boys boys boys


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