Whenever you’re near

As I look into your eyes right now.. I can’t help but to feel safe. That feeling of stillness lingers in me. This is really ewwy but I think that’s the truth. It sill scares me up to now but when you asked me that question last night, I felt relieved. Not because you were worried what if, but I then felt I wasn’t worrying alone. Frankly speaking, I didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t know what to say to you. You caught me off guard. But the thing is, you did make sense. Since there is nothing permanent in this world, I can suppose that this.. What we have, can be classified under those “temporary” things. How is it gonna be? The things we do.. The places we go to.. The memories we’ve shared. How is it gonna be? Will I be okay? Will you be okay? How do I face tomorrow knowing you’re already gone? It was comforting to hear you say those questions you had/ have had ever since. Now I’m sure, you’re in this too.


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