I wanna run away

I know you might say this is so petty but.. Oh well. I just feel like there’s a need for me to let things out. He hasn’t even texted yet. And it’s cool with me. I think so (?) Whenever we fight, instead of me dealing with the ‘fight’.. I can’t help but to think whether or not you are enjoying this. Do you even think of me? Do you even think of what I am thinking? Or you are enjoying this? Well.. it is obvious that you can do the things I am not comfortable with. It sucks to be in this situation every time, yknow. It doesn’t feel good. At all. 

Do I tell you? That I saw those pictures? Everytime I remember that day.. it makes me weak. I feel like I’m such a weakling. I don’t know if I should, don’t know why I shouldn’t. I know past is past but.. The thing is.. You haven’t deleted those pictures. What does that imply? What do you want me to think and feel? Are you keeping them because you still love her? I have so many questions in my mind. I don’t know what to do. I know I’ve been trying to run away from it. Yeah, ever since I saw those pictures. I can’t say I wish I didn’t see ’em. Atleast I know things right. I simply don’t know how to talk to you about this.

I do hope things will be better. I need to be brave. Can you help me? 


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